Center Road Church of Christ

Center Road Church of Christ

Loving people one step closer to Christ

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Our Rock is Jesus Christ.  We want to lock on the Rock by linking ourselves and others to Jesus.


It is our goal to love people one step closer to Jesus.  We exist to help people come



Where do you find refuge in this world? (We need to BELIEVE IT!)  There’s a lot pulling at us. There is only one truly safe and solid place where we can put our trust – and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. Our young folks have more pulling at them than ever in our world. Find someone younger than you and ask them where they find refuge. Get to know them so that it’s more than a religious check up. We all need refuge in Christ. What are you fueling up on? What most fills your time or your family’s time? Opportunities abound here at Center Road to find refuge, to connect to Jesus. Why not set aside 9:30 on Sundays? There is fuel and renewal, connection to the Savior, for all ages offered then.


How do you reinforce – or maintain strength – while living in our world?  (We need to LIVE IT!)  Remember those encouraging words I mentioned? Sometimes the words we hear – the news, music, pressures from work or school, sometimes friends and even family, and so on – won’t encourage us to hang on to the Rock, our Jesus. Sometimes there is strong pressure to avoid the rock for something temporary, even if more appealing at the time. Satan is a pro at this very thing. The way we stay on the Rock is to connect with Christians. We take this seriously at Center Road. This is why we asked everyone to join a Life Group… we need connections that will help us stay on the Rock. Our youth have many “live it” opportunities – which are geared to help encourage them to Stay on the Rock. Why not make these a priority in this year?


How are you helping others get to the Rock? It’s rescue work that we are called to do.  (We need to GIVE IT!) Christ made this abundantly clear not only in what he said, but in what he did. It’s about connecting others to Jesus. It is far from politically correct, but the fact is that without Christ people are lost both now and for eternity – not my idea – but facts from our Lord. It’s not enough to just get along with different faiths – you know, the popular “all paths lead to God” idea. No, this is a lie from Satan. What are we doing to rescue people from sin and help them to the Rock. At Center Road we are doing tons of things with that in mind. Our congregation is involved in many outreach efforts. Our youth calendar for this past summer and fall was stuffed with “give it” opportunities. Many more will follow.


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We believe that God created the world and everything in it. God gave us as humans the gift of choosing to love and obey Him. Tragically, we as humans choose not to follow Him which is sinful and deserving of death (eternal seperation from God). God sent His Son, Jesus, to die in our place and save us from our sin. We believe that Jesus will return at some unknown date in the future, that the record of our lives will be judged or compared to the Word (Scripture) on judgement, and that those who belong to Christ will go forever to be with God in heaven.


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