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Kid's Ministry!


Contact Mike or Janyce Forehand for more Information!  765-864-9809 or


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Every Sunday morning wonderful volunteers from Center Road teach our children. During this time there classes not just for Children, but for everyone of every age.  Children are a blessing to us! We sing songs to God, pray to Him, and learn from the Bible.

Every Wednesday Evening, our kids are in for a special treat!  We have special classes during Power Hour. Actually, there are classes for people of all ages.

We love to have children in worship at Center Road. We also want them to be able to worship God in a way they will understand at their age as well.  Children are invited to join their families for the first part of worship each Sunday at 10:30. We sing and pray and have communion together each week. After communion, students 2 years old to 2nd Grade are invited to go to Children’s Worship. In the auditorium our speaker, usually our Minister Lynn Brust will preach a message to help us grow in the Bible. The children will sing songs they enjoy, pray together and then move into two groups. Lesson is presented for the 2’s and 3’s and a lesson is presented for the 4’s to 2nd Grade. Parents are asked to pick up their children promptly after the auditorium Service Ends.

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