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The Carrells

We are excited about special efforts currently under way in Japan. Steve and Debbie Carrell have lived and served in Japan for many years. They speak the language and are dedicated to serving God and helping the people of Japan.

The Carrells maintain an informative webpage from Japan... do yourself a favor and visit the Carrell Family News. The congregation where Steve and Debbie devote most of their efforts also has a web site.... visit the Matsudo Church of Christ.

If you would like to learn more about Center Road's involvement in this special mission outreach -- or if you would like to help out... contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , our deacon who oversees our mission work.
Steve Carrell -  Missionary in Japan

Steve's father was in Japan at the close of WWII then returned as a missionary family when Steve was 2 months old. A few months after their wedding, Steve and Debbie went to Japan and except for one year, have remained ever since. They relocated to the Matsudo church the start of 2008. Before, they were at the Tachikawa Japanese church and the Yokota military church. They engage Let's Start Talking campaigners and invite the community to read the Bible in English as a prime method to find contacts. Elizabeth Erickson and Rebecca Kady will be their "guest" English readers this summer. Debbie finds contacts by offering craft classes. Their children, Marcia & Matthew, are both married & live in the U.S.  B. D. Steve 3-29-1950, Debbie 10-24-1953; Annv. 5-8-

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